In this advanced Premiere Pro tutorial, Andrew Devis shows how to use the parametric equalizer in Premiere Pro and for CS5.5 in Audition and for CS4/5 in Soundbooth. The parametric eq is a simply and effective way to affect a whole series of frequencies in you audio to quickly and efficiently sweeten (or un-sweeten depending on what you want to do) your audio. However, the work-flow for CS5.5 and above and CS5/4 (and probably CS3) are different and so the tutorial starts with the work-flow for PP/Audition CS5.5 and above and then at 13:30 onwards looks at the work-flow for CS4/5 and Soundbooth including showing how to balance the volume level. Andrew also shows how to apply parametric eq directly in Premiere Pro even though this is a much less efficient way of applying the effect.

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